pompeii ruins

A perfect combination of nature, art, history and mystery . A magnificent experience, but above all, a thrilling adventure.
This is our Pompeii-Vesuvius- Herculaneum tour from Sorrento.
With us, you will discover the Vesuvius up close, a symbol of the city of Naples, so loved and also feared by Neapolitan people. Pompeii and Herculaneum, two of the most beautiful archaeological sites in the world, World Heritage Sites since 1997.
Every year, millions of tourists visit the excavations, remaining fascinated by a past distant two thousand years, yet, still today, so real, alive and suggestive. A perfect tour that will show you, from all points of view, how such a catastrophic event of the past has contributed to the present with this priceless treasure.
The Vesuvius-Pompeii-Herculaneum tour lasts approximately 8/9 hours and will depart from Sorrento. You will be picked up near your hotel by our driver, who will be at your complete disposal for the entire duration of the tour, the trip will take place in a luxury car. The beginning of the day is scheduled around 8:00, so there will be the necessary time for the visits. The cost of the tickets are not included in the tour.
First stop, the ruins of Pompeii, that will be reached in about 30 minutes.
POMPEI: the past frozen in time
Pompeii 79 AD : One of the most famous disasters of the past disrupted the vital and prosperous Roman colony. Vesuvius, of which the Pompeians were ignorant of its true nature, resumed its volcanic activity. The fertile mountain, so loved by the people for the production of wines, is renowned throughout the world in for its destructive force.
Ash, lava and slag cover the city. But after a dormant stage, the volcano erupted again, very high temperature eruptive products flowed down the slopes of the cone at an amazing speed, destroying everything on their path.
But the city is still there, before your eyes. The access doors still surround the perimeter today. The main buildings are proof of its public life. The craft shops, taverns and shops show the fervent economic activity. The private buildings and splendid villas highlight the sophistication and good taste that characterised it. Be amazed by the chariot tracks imprinted on the pavement. And be touched by plaster casts: bodies trapped in tragic poses, people trying to escape their fate. The tour lasts about 2 hours.
Second leg of the tour is the Vesuvius.
VESUVIUS: nature in action, Vesuvius is without any doubt the most studied volcano in the world. For the characteristics of its eruptions and the threat it continues to pose to nearby towns. After the famous 79 AD, many eruptions have taken place over the centuries. The dormant period has lasted since1944.
The drive path ends at the parking area. From there, you must continue on foot with a guide for about 40 minutes before reaching the crater.
If they want, guests may take a few minutes for souvenirs. Before discovering the last stop of our tour, it is advisable to have a lunch stop. At your request, we will suggest the best restaurants in the area.
The last visit is dedicated to the excavations of Herculaneum that takes about 2 hours.
HERCULANEUM: suggestive archaeological expression, Herculaneum lies at the foot of the Vesuvius.
In ancient times, following the fate of Pompeii, it became a Roman colony and was also buried in 79 AD. The Herculaneum excavations, even if not particularly large, have original characteristics due to the different burial methods, which resulted in a unique conservation, preserving organic finds, such as textiles, furniture, and wooden objects. One of the really interesting aspects is the presence of upper floors of the buildings, intact. The luxurious houses facing the sea testify that the site was a holiday resort for wealthy Romans. Every structure testifies to the customs and traditions of the population.
Among the wonderful mosaics and everyday objects, you will learn many curiosities, such as the presence of houses for rent, built with a new, more economical technique, learned from the near Neapolis.
Our tour of Pompeii-Herculaneum-Vesuvius from Sorrento stops here and ends with your return to the peninsula. Do not miss this unique experience, that we will try to make, in your interest, well-organised and peaceful.

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